In a nutshell: I slipped and hit my head hard enough to split it and get stitches, which caused my retina to tear a few hrs later. I saw crazy dots for 10 min. Then a slight shadow in the corner of my left eye. The next day I went an eye doctor and got misdiagnosed. 7 days later I woke up to a heavy darkness in my eye. It was pulsating and getting bigger by the hour. I found another eye doctor on the Island (Bali) and she recommended I see a retina specialist. The next morning I saw the specialist and was diagnosed with a detached retina. The darkness was at 60% by the time I final got on a plane to Singapore. 

( you can read more of my experience here My Words )

I'll let the experts explain the rest.

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First surgery - fix detachment, silicon band (buckle) , gas bubble

Illustration of what was done on first surgery

Second surgery - fix detachment and added oil

Letter that explains a bit more

Third surgery - oil removal and cataract